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2nd Daughter of Mr. Ong Sam Leong and Mr. Yean Chuan, Marriage 2 Oct. 1906, Singapore

The Straits Times, 3 October 1906, Page 5


A fashionable Straits Chinese wedding was celebrated yesterday afternoon, when Mr. Puey Yean Chuan, son of Mr. Puey Eng Hong, married the second daughter of Mr. Ong Sam Leong. The reception was held in both residences of two parties. The wedding procession, starting first from the bride's house to the bridegroom's place, consisted of the usual Chinese wedding music, a Manila brass band following at the rear of the newly married couple's carriages and also a number of Straits babas and nonyas who are relatives and friends of the bridegroom. The ceremony was quite a gay one, and the carriages drawn by pairs of horses of the bride and bridegroom were also nicely decorated with red cloth &c. Messrs. Ong Sam Leong and Puey Eng Hong are well-known and highly-esteemed residents of Singapore and are both joint partners in business and contractors of the Christmas Island Phosphate Co. Ltd.

Kan Kim Kee and Chan Yen Soon, Marriage 4 May 1906, Singapore

The Straits Times, 5 May 1906, Page 5

Chan Yen Soon— Kan Kim Kee 

A fashionable Straits Chinese Wedding was celebrated yesterday afternoon in Stanley Street, when Mr. Chan Yen Soon, fourth son of Mr. Chan Kim Boon, married Miss Kan Kim Kee, a daughter of Mr. Kan Teow Koh's. The reception was held at No. 9 Stanley Street, the residence of Mr. Chan Kim Boon. Mr. Chan Kim Boon, the bridegroom's father, is a well-known and highly esteemed resident of Singapore, having been for over forty years employed as head book-keeper and cashier to Messrs. Donaldson and Burkinshaw. Amongst the European guests at the wedding were the Hon. H. Fort, Dr. and Miss Galloway, Mr. C. Dunlop, Mr. and Mrs. Knowles, Mr. and Mrs. F. K. Jennings, and the Miss Jennings, Messrs Gilbert S. Carver, B. G. H. Johnson, H. Millard, C. G. Emerson, and C. Everett. The guests were shown over the bride's room, which was gorgeously decorated. The guests then tasted a number of Chinese sweets, of which there were a great variety, and drank the health of the happy couple in champagne.

3rd Daughter of Mr. Tan Jiak Chuan and Mr. Chia Teck Chye, Marriage 7 Dec 1905, Singapore

Eastern Daily Mail and Straits Morning Advertiser, 13 December 1905, Page 3


Monday night witnessed the conclusion of the three day's festivities in connection with the marriage of Mr. Chia Teck Chye, the son of Mr. Chia Guan Heng, with the third daughter of Mr. Tan Jiak Chuan.

The Chinese ceremonial pertaining to wedding functions was observed in its entirety.

The marriage proper came off on the 7th inst. On Monday night a reception was held at the residence of the bridegroom when over a hundred guests were present to partake of his hospitality. The Town and Volunteer Band was in attendance.

Daughter of E. Guan Chuan and Khoo Peck Siew, Marriage Sep. 1095, Singapore

Eastern Daily Mail and Straits Morning Advertiser, 28 September 1905, Page 3



The second day's festivities in connection with the marriage of Mr. Khoo Peck Siew, son of Mr. Khoo Pee Soon, to Miss E. Chuan Guan, daughter of Mrs E. Chuan Guan were celebrated yesterday afternoon at No. 18, Tank Road.

About two hundred people responded to invitations and arrived there shortly after 8 p.m. Several Europeans were present. Two houses were necessary for the reception, which was carried out on a magnificent scale. The interior of the houses were brightly lit and decorated with silver and gold ornaments, besides numerous silk clothes and scrolls.

After a really sumptuous banquet - sumptuous even from a Chinese point of vies, the Cornwall Minstrels put on a programme of excellently rendered music, besides singing several English comic songs and dancing.

It must be remembered that these minstrels, the majority of whom are well-to-do Chinese, have not long been in existence as a troupe, and are just coming before the public. If they continue improving, they will one day astonish Singapore by giving a performance which Europeans will find difficult to eclipse. The word "engaged" has been used in connection with these minstrels in one of our contemporaties. The leader requests that we shall state that the troups is wholly composed of amateurs.

During the first half of the musical programme, the marriage rites were proceeded with by the fathers of the wedded couple.

The programme is an interesting one. The performers adopted English names for the occasion.

March........"Kings Bajo March."
Song........."I live Underneath."
.............Mr. S. H. Stanley.
Cake Walk...."Hiawatha."
Song........."My First Wife."
.............Mr. C. P. MacPhabett
March........"Italian March."
Song........."The Seventh Royalk Fusiliers."
.............Mr. T. B. King.
Polks........"Cat Polka."
Song........."Hip Hip Hooray for Farmer Jones."
............."Mr. W. H. Kellard.
March........"The Washington Post."
March........"Soldiers in the Park."
Song........."Ping Pong."
.............Mr. L. K. Hickey.
March........"March Under the DoubleEagle."
Song........."A little bit off the Top."
.............Mr. C. S. Gordon.
Selection from Christopher.
Columbus....."Barn Dance."
Song........."I'll take you home again Kathleen."
.............Mr. O. J. Simpson.
Polka........"Dutch Polka."
Song........."Staring me in the face."
.............Mr. N. V. Bedford.

The festivities are to be continued on Sunday.

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Patrick Allen Reutens, Death 10 July 1916, Singapore

The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser (1884-1942), 11 July 1916, Page 10


The house flag of the Straits Steam Ship Company was half masted yesterday over their office ashore, as well as on their steamers afloat, as a special mark of respect to the memory of Mr. Patrick Allen Reutens, the Secretary and Bookkeeper of the Company, who died at the General Hospital here on Sunday evening, of blood poisoning brought on by a whitlow on his right hand, at the age of 68 years. Born in Penang in 1848 he was the youngest son of the late Mr. Philip Reutens, at one time Secretary to the Raffles Library, by his first marriage. The deceased received his early education at the St. Xavier's Institution, Penang, and when the family moved to Singapore he continued and finished his education at the St. Joseph's Institution here. On leaving school he joined the Government services as a junior clerk in the Shipping Office, one of his colleagues being Mr. (now Sir) John Anderson. Being a youth of push and ambition he quitted the Government and joined the mercantile service by entering the now defunct firm of Maclain Fraser and Co. and he rose rapidly to the position of bookkeeper under the late Mr. C. Dunlop, Mr. L. J. Fraser, Mr. A Gentle and others, and he was highly thought of by his chiefs. On the formation of the Straits Steam Ship Company, some 30 years ago, Mr. Reutens was engaged as Secretary and Bookkeeper, and in this service he continued up till three weeks ago, when he had to go to hospital for treatment for a whitlow. It is no secret that he never spared himself, never taking a leave or availing himself of a public holiday. He was even known to forego his holidays on such occasions as Christmas and New Year. He was a man of a retiring disposition, and for a person of his ability, position and standing, where others sought publicity Mr. Reutens abhorred it and he must be said to have practiced self effacement in an extraordinary degree. It is no exaggeration to say that if the Eurasian Community of Singapore had been asked to vote for a Representative in the Legislative and Municipal Councils Mr. Rutens would have been unanimously voted as their fittest man. The writer of this obituary had the pleasure of Mr. Reuten's close friendship for nearly 50 years, and he is in a position to say that no Eurasian before him commanded the same amount of respect from his countrymen as he did. He was a prominent member of the old Singapore Volunteer Corps, and as such became closely associated with the late Mr. W. H. Read, the late Mr. C. B. Buckley and the late Mr. Phillips, the father of the present Principal of the Raffles Institution. He was an accomplished musician, and in his younger days was a pianist to the Tanglin Club. He took a lively interest in the choir of the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, of which for many years he was choir master and organist. He was a renowned chess player, and with the late Mr. R. W. Hullett and Mr. J. B. Elcum were the principal Singapore representatives in the various chess tournaments got up from time to time with the other Settlements and Hongkong and Shanghai, and it is believed it was mainly owing to his superior play that the Singapore team was invariably victorious in the tournaments.

Mr. Reutens has left behind him a widow and several daughters, but no son, and young grand children, for whom the greatest sympathy will be felt, not only by the Eurasian community of Malay, but by a large circle of friends outside of his own countrymen, for Mr. Reutens possessed in an exceptional degree the rare quality of making friends but no enemies. Requiescat In Pace.

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Frank Seow Soon Jin, Death 6 May 1953, Singapore

The Straits Times, 8 May 1953, Page 6

Mr. Seow Soon Jin (Frank Seow) died peacefully at his residence No 33 Lorong Mydin, on Wed., 6th May, 10.30 p.m.Burial will take place on Sunday morning.

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Cyprian (Reverend Bro.), Death 15 Feb 1925, Rangoon

The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser (1884-1942), 27 February 1925, Page 6

The death of Rev. Brother Cyprian occurred at the General Hospital, Rangoon, at 8 a.m. on the 15th instant. The deceased was born in Penang in 1853, and educated at St. Xavier's Institution, in Penang. In 1869 he went to Burma, and joined the Brother's Novitiate at Bassein.